Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yeah, I miss you!

You took me to those worlds I had never been to or not even heard of! I was back in my favorite white frock with big lace flower and a pink front pocket, white and pink shoes sliding over the finest of floors of the biggest of rooms I had EVER seen!!

The jokes about the ‘big fat shopkeeper at the end of the road’, and you mimicking his ghostly face used to make me laugh holding my stomach and roll all over the floor!

The story of your bravery which were made just for me; those stolen candies at a crowded shop reserved only for me; made me feel special!

I would have cried on your shoulder and complained about the bullying big girl next door; I would have come crying for you, hugged you and shared the prizes and gifts I got; I would have held your hand and squeezed it when you felt low and avoided looking at my eyes….

If only …

If only you had been there to make them happen….

How nice it would have been if you in your nice little sneakers and boxer shorts, had grabbed my hands and pulled my pink little frock and led me underneath a giant table in a dark murky forgotten room, closed my eyes and shown me the biggest wonder of the world; a fluttering light emitting butterfly emerging out of your hands.

Wish I had got you in those happening childhood days!

I miss you!

I miss you in the memories of those days… in the sweet fragrance of the dreams of those days!

Help me rebuild the world I always wanted to be in, help me into the dreams of laid friendship. Be my friend forever.