Monday, April 29, 2013

Color my world

I was a normal girl .. with normal attainable dreams.... 

A good education, an average looking, well-mannered guy, a life filled with challenges, respect, sensibility and an intelligent kid! I had defined my life like this. I had made it my mantra, to live like this, a steady paced, peaceful, normal life.

But then, I met you!!

So much of spontaneity, rush, wish to do so many things all at once, I was drawn to that nature instantly.

And i fell for you.

You added, salt, sour, and all the required spice to my otherwise going to be a bland life!!

There was an insatiable thirst in you and i wished  I'll cook for you. Rainbows started forming in my sky, there were birds, chirping and singing, butterflies fluttering, yeah it may seem too fantasized to you but I felt that... Seríously..  I did . . . and then I started dreaming a better dream, a colorful dream.

A spacious house, a beautiful garden, two white chairs on the green lawn, pink bougainvillaea on the roof top, a wide window by my bed side, tulips on the rear of that garden, lilac tulips specially, (I wonder whether you know what color is lilac!!) , fresh vegetables on the dining table, fruits, light music and an orange shaded sky on a romantic evening.
And we would live many such evenings together, you brushing my hair, I holding your hands tight, aaaanannnnddddd a little kiss may be.. yeahhhh may be ;)...

Each time I laughed with you, cried for you, begged for your mercy [lolz] one more color was added and  I wished I got all those 16 million colors in my life to be hung on the walls of my memory lanes, treating even the passer-by!!     

One day when you  pass by my graveyard you would definitely wonder at your own capacity of coloring others' lives.

Until then, quoting my favorite band, ...

"Baby just

Colour my world, draw on my heart  
Take a picture of what you think love looks like in your imagination  
Write on my soul everything you know 
Use every word you've ever heard to colour my world"