Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life is Crazy

Had a deep sleep this evening!

This evening sleeps always make me think harder or say, deeper!

Had this been a summer evening, there would be a pale yellow light everywhere and I would have thought of how life would be for people who have jaundice!

But it had started drizzling!

Well, I walked to a local stationery shop to get some stuff!

The road seemed strangely empty(or was it the effect of this thought"full"ness?!!).

A house was decorated with glittering, colorful lights! There was going to be a marriage soon … What an irony, the house next door, was the house of death, people mourning, their somber faces!! Life is so colorful …. All black and white....

While coming back, same road, I found two little girls, hands on each others shoulders, walking so carelessly, I was just following them, soon one of them stumbled over a stone and the other girl so lovingly supported her! Such an innocent act of kindness moved me instantly!

I also saw someone thrown on the side of the road, drunk may be, who could have been otherwise dining with his family , commenting on the long episodes of his wife's favorite TV soap, and secretly enjoying the food she prepared!

Question: Why is life like this?

By the way, what do I have to do with these incidents? A mere audience?!

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