Thursday, December 15, 2011


A lemon yellow tint to the murky grey life.
An orange squash on a sunny day.
A gentle mauve colored sweet smelling lip gel on a cold winter morning.

Friends come in all colors! (smell, shapes and sizes too :P)

Some of them are rainbows. Package of all colors bundled into one.
Its the angle with which you see them makes the difference. Brings out that color in them.

Everyone of us know how a brief chat with a long forgotten friend feels,  how a simple take care text lifts up our spirits and gives us the confidence of conquering world, how a bland nonsense joke makes such a sense when you are with one of those idiots.

You can slap some with the high rated criticism and expect no nice treatment, hug some and get a crunch back.
The ones who care and the ones who don't. The ones who dare and the ones who don't.

You never get tired  talking about them.

Bright and Dark.

Plain and Shiny.

Fresh and Pale.

Thankful to all those colors in my life :-)
Picture perfect!

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