Friday, September 17, 2010

After all, you did not break my heart

I didn’t know this evening would turn into a wonderful night with a crystal clear sky with shining diamonds and smooth pearls, and then they would start pouring down all of a sudden to soak me completely and trip off on my toes.

I’m not a goddess; oh, I’m not even a charming angel! Miracles never happen with me.

But then, I do not know how I saw you here. Here…. on my lap … Foraying my inner tranquility with those deep brown eyes. Were you here when my hands played on those strings? When I had closed my eyes in expectation of no one in particular but for a seamless beauty to manifest in front of me? Did you blow a sweet wind of love on my face which was partly hidden behind the flitting black hair?

But.... But….Can that be possible anyhow?

There is no light anywhere…. All the light beads have dripped off and flowed into the sea.. and I am not on the shore anymore…

I am drowning … Deep into the night…

Should I let myself drown? Or should I put my arms around your shoulders?


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