Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am concerned more of the time of the day(??!!) 1.16 am on my computer screen …Fan above is making all kinds of creaking sounds…But listening to Shiv Kumar Sharma’s Marwa raaga, is a great feeling of getting drained in the musical rain!!

Wait, …… I just closed my eyes and thought of “Night” .

Ahhh, Night !

The time where those who have been working hard all day go to rest, the lorry wallahs sit by the campfire and gossip, some working in call centers attending all those dirty calls of problems!

Soft giggles of lovers , water ripples on bank of river, the haunting sound of some unknown bird on a distant tree, vehicles speeding on the road, the screeching sound of the tyres on brakes, and laughs of a united friends gang on a cousin’s wedding, the sound of vessles at a party!

I would like to go for a long walk on such a night!

And that hard hitting feeling of being all alone in the world, feeling as if the only person awake!!!!

Eeew......... I'll better sleep now :)


  1. The description is beautiful :)
    On most days I'll be awake till 1 am. So you're not the only one awake at that time! :)
    I go for a walk sometimes around that time and it has a calming effect!

  2. @Girish Thanks :)
    I know thousands of people around me would be awake at that time but its only a feeling "I" get during most of such nights...


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